Oral Molecular Pathophysiology

Cordeliers ‘s research Center, Paris.

Oral diseases are a major health concern. They include frequent infectious diseases, common acquired dental developmental defects, rare genetic diseases and tumors.  Our team explores oral physiology and pathology from bench to bedside. Our goal is to identify and characterize distinct molecular pathways driving jaw-tooth biology

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An opportunity to train with experimental approach
Experimental Approach

Methods for proteins visualization in dental mineralized tissues.
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Recent publications


Merzoug-Larabi M, Youssef I, Bui AT, Legay C, Loiodice S, Lognon S, Babajko S, Ricort JM
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Nationally and Internationally recognized

North Ecos contract
France - Colombia. C18S01.
2018/2020 A.Berdal, S.Babajko, D.Hotton and A.Bolanos

France- Brazil . Me 915/18
2018/2021 A.Berdal, D.Hotton and A.Bolanos

International funding France/Thailand:
Junior Research Fellowship Program 2018

ADF Prize awarded to Ali Nassif supervised by B. Fournier/B Gogly/S Babajko for his thesis.

Award for the best thesis of the Val de Marne for L. Loison Robert directed by B. Fournier and B. Gogly.

ANCD Award for Ali Nassif directed by B. Gogly, B. Fournier and S. Babajko.

Best Presentation Award, ETRS 2017, Brussels to Ihsène Taihi directed by B. Fournier/B Gogly.

Award for the best presentation, Garancière Research Day to Ali Nassif directed by B. Fournier

Award for the best artistic scientific photo, Garancière à C. Rémond Research Day, supervised by B. Fournier

Master's degree BCPP

Research speciality « biomineralization, morphogenesis and inflammatory pathologies » (BMIP)

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Master BCPP

Professional field “oral pathophysiology applied” (OPA)

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European University Diploma of Endodontology

Dental school Garancière (University Paris Diderot - Paris 7)

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5th National Head and Neck Day Rare malformations of the head, neck and teeth Friday, October 2, 2020.

Due to the health situation, the Day will be virtual, with live broadcasting of the conferences and remote exchanges.

Defense of doctoral thesis of Andrea Gama Silva

Friday 29 November saw the defense of Andrea Gama Silva’s doctoral thesis: “Study of RANKL’s involvement in craniofacial skeletal growth on two …

Read MoreDefense of doctoral thesis of Andrea Gama Silva


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