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Contract Ecos Nord “Ectopic Mineralization in the Enamel-Kidney syndrome” to be developed by French-Colombian alliance for 2018-2020

ECOS NORD French-Colombian

The research contract of “Ectopic Mineralization in the Enamel-Kidney syndrome” is developed between OMP laboratory and the Cartagena University for 2018-2020.
Enamel-kidney syndrome (ERS) (OMIM #204690) is an uncommon disorder characterized by amelogenesis imperfecta and nephrocalcinosis.

On September 3th – 14th, Pr DIAZ Antonio (Prosthodontics) of the University of Cartagena -Colombia visited OMP laboratory and Paris 7 University UFR Odontology. He is responsible of the Project ECOS-NORD.
Sylvie Babajko and Ariane Berdal welcomed the delegation and explained how OMP has been advancing a global strategy starting by cooperating with prestigious universities.

Professors of this delegation develop collaborative research.